Why can’t you just fit in?

original composition August 17, 2012

For most of my life people have called me a “non-conformist,” “rebel,” or other some such label, because I’ve tended to go my own way and do my own thing.  I had a few brief periods of trying to be like everyone else, and of doing what others expected of me — but it wasn’t me — it did not fit my spirit, so I’d soon be back to my non-conformist way.  I had lost count of the times some person or another would ask me, “why can’t you just fit in,” by the time I was 16yrs of age!  The problem is, those people did not want me to “fit in” — they wanted me to perfectly imitate them — to be a carbon copy of their idea of what a worthy person is in/for Society!

Generally, when someone says, “fit in,” the meanbe like everyone else,” because then everyone is perfectly attuned with everyone else, and everyone is in a cozy little comfort zone.  It’s like being a nice little solid color tile that can then be glued on the bathroom wall — no matter where you get stuck, you don’t stand out, because you are just like all the other little tiles: same size, shape, color, beliefs, etc., etc. ad nauseum!  It has been my experience, through (59) years of Life that the Majority of most any Society do not like “non-conformists.”  It’s NOT because we non-conformists are bad people — rather it’s because we make the Conformists feel inadequate and/or uncomfortable since they really don’t know what to make of us and/or our non-conformist ways.  Even if we DO “fit in” — find some “productive endeavor” — the Majority doesn’t seem satisfied unless we act, think, believe, and look like THEY do with perfect little square tile uniformity.  Again, because THEY don’t really mean “fit in;” They mean, “be just like us” — like a bunch of sheep in a flock, or ants in a colony — so everyone knows exactly what to expect … so everyone is in their Comfort Zone.

Well, I’d love to “fit in,” really I would, but NOT like a  perfect little tile that is the same as all the other perfect little tiles of of the same shame, size, color, texture, etc., etc. ad nauseum!  Rather I want to fit in like a piece of some really elaborate jigsaw puzzle where EVERY piece is of a different shape and covered with a different pattern of colors.    Sure, all the pieces may have a bit of difficulty finding just where they fit in; and, each piece (or group of pieces already fitted together) may be a little confused or uncomfortable when some ill-fitting piece wanders through looking for a place to fit in, but when all the pieces DO find their proper place, it makes a MUCH more beautiful picture than does a bunch same size, shape, color, etc. pieces that are uniform and poked into any place without contrast.  So wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to help each other find our place as we are, rather than trying to force everyone to be, think, believe, act and live the same way?

They call me Logan the Pen Dragon, because I am a NAMED member of a very ancient (“secret”) society called the Society of Dragons; and, “Pen Dragon” is my Societal Title.  The Motto of the Society of Dragons is:

  • “Peace through tolerance of diversity; progress through cooperation in the presence of Peace.”

The Society of Dragons adheres to the belief that “sameness leads to stagnation of civilization”; and, that only when people rejoice in diversity and practice tolerance can the World progress and grow more civilized as diverse Cultures, Faiths, Governments, Societies and Peoples share and exchange things of their respective Societies in Peace.  We Dragons and Dragonesses believe, also, that in any and every given Society, ITS  progress, likewise, depends on diversity amongst its Citizenry.   When EVERYONE in a Society thinks, believes, acts, dresses alike and follows the exact same path — it stagnates and falls into societal decay, because there is no one to challenge the Status Quo … no one to stir the pot of Ideology.

The though of ONE System of Government … ONE Religion … ONE kind of Socio-Philosophical ideology is the greatest nightmare I have!  It would be like living on a planet where the ONLY colors were shades of gray.  Where no bright reds or lemon yellows existed to blaze flower petals across a sea of varied green meadows … where no rainbow-winged hummingbirds set the azure morning sky asparkle with iridescent lightening as they whiz past!  Only the gray, stagnant sameness of a World where every single person thinks, acts, believes and lives the same.  Where is the desirability or beauty in that?

So WHY does anyone in their right mind want to force everyone else to be the same as they are?  What would we do, honestly, if EVERY Nation on Earth had the SAME political system — how would anyone know whether or not the System were perfected when the ONLY thing to compare it to is itself?

What if EVERY person alive adhered to the EXACT SAME Religion and beliefs, and there was only ONE denomination — by what measure could we know whether or not our spiritual selves had matured and grown? [A mountain is NOT mad of ONE single Element, nor is Life born of a single kind/gender of person.]  The GOOD is NOT defined nor measured by the GOOD, but rather against the BAD — LIGHT is NOT defined nor measured by itself, but rather against the Darkness.

When we strive to grow MORE Civilized and/or work to create better/new technology, we do NOT walk ahead on our own progress, because that would be like a hamster running circles on a wheel getting nowhere fast — rather we build upon and push off of (or away from) socio-philosophical ideologies and/or technologies we feel inferior &/or less desirable.  So we should embrace diversity and happily tolerate people and cultures different from ourselves in their proper places — NOT try to assimilate every thing and every one into a stagnating sameness!

NON-conformists are the pioneers who explore new horizons … who test the boundaries both physical and philosophical until they find a new direction that leads to progress … to change that brings something better and new.  Non-conformists such as Jesus Immanuel; the Prophet Muhammad; Gandhi; Albert Einstein; Rosa Parks, and others who planted the seed of CHANGE which made the World a better more promising place.  Sure, some … probably MOST … non-conformists fizzle out without every making an impression on the world-at-large, and “counter culture” experiments fade away … but some don’t.  Always there are those rare and wonderfully eccentric souls who end up at the leading edge of some revolutionary new thing that moves us forward to a higher level of civilization or some new place or technology!  But how will we ever know WHICH ONES those special ones are if we strive to make EVERYONE “fit in?”

Those same little tiles are, of course, necessary.  They are the table surface upon which the jigsaw puzzle pieces of all us non-conformists are laid; the foundation upon which we float as we seek our “just right place” in this puzzle of Life.  So rather than expect, demand, badger, etc. us to “fit in” with the Majority’s mainstream living style, beliefs, etc. … tolerate our non-conformist eccentricities if not help us find that exactly right place for our odd societal shape; strange political color; and/or unique spiritual pattern!  Trust me … forcing a jigsaw puzzle piece into a square hole meant for a tile will do neither the tile wall nor the puzzle piece much good, but if you let the puzzle pieces find their proper places, you will have a VERY beautiful picture to hang on that tile wall of Society once it all comes together!!!

  • “Peace through tolerance of diversity; progress through cooperation in the presence of Peace.”


Logan the Pen Dragon – Society of Dragons & C-N’ist Disciple of Light


PHYSICAL RAPE – PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSULT: The Construction of A Prison Punk. (13 oct. 2013)

s1575851914_175109_8141659——Before I begin the main text of this solemn dissertation, I want  to make it VERY clear that I am neither a formally educated psychiatrist, certified psychologist, nor college graduate in Psychology/Sociology; and, that I have been unable to discover a single “clinical study” that has been conducted regarding the subject of this essay.  Nonetheless I have, over a period of 33 years confinement, both self-educated in areas of psychology and human behavior; and, have either made factual observations of prison life or experienced the matters discussed first-hand.  The Wise person does NOT discount nor disparage observations or conclusions merely because the Observer lacks a formal education, nor because there’s been no well-financed and controlled “clinical study,” because the Wise knows many TRUTHS rise from the eyes and intelligence of common Observers who LIVE THROUGH those TRUTHS.

My intellectual interest in the “Prison Punk” was born in 1983 soon after my assignment to Texas’s notorious EASTHAM UNIT Penal Slavery Plantation.  I had refused to turn out for field Slave labor in a freezing rain, because I had awoken with 106° fever from a flu.  One thing lead to another, so prison officials first covertly administered some form of narcotic in my food/drink which left me semi-conscious and unable to move; then they opened my cell door to admit a totally naked “Building Tender”¹ into my cell.  As I lay helpless and semi-conscious, the BT first stripped me naked; then brutally sodomized me; and, as he left my cell he yelled loud enough for the entire cellblock to hear, you’re a punk, cause I MADE you a punk!”  I was to learn that, for most prisoners who are thus sexually assaulted, that shout following the rape was the first step in a process meant to CONSTRUCT a prison homosexual persona.

In my case, the construction process backfired on both the BT rapist and prison officials, because the ALTERNATE PERSONALITY that was born that day in me was a no-mercy-shown Warrior who exacted due vengeance, but would psychologically BLOCK the memory of the rape for a period of 24 years while experiencing traumatic amnesia and PTSD.  However, such is NOT the fate for the vast Majority of prisoners who are raped (usually repeatedly) and subjected to the “Punk” conversion process.

The Public and/or Congress should NOT be deceived by prison officials’ reports that sexual assaults have diminished in recent years.  Rape, and the psychological FORCED conversion of heterosexual prisoners into homosexual alter-ego “Prison Punks” is as commonplace today in prison as is muddy water in the Mississippi River.  And the biggest difference between my own rape in 1983, and rapes which occur most often today, is that today most of the rapes are effected by physically over-powering the victim with a  brutal beating rather than use of a narcotic to debilitate  them (but as I said, my own rape was ARRANGED BY PRISON OFFICIALS).  Nonetheless, prison officials ARE both aware these things occur, AND often the guards participate in the psychological abuse that destroys the heterosexual persona of the victims.

The CONSTRUCTION of a “Prison Punk” is achieved through a systematic physcho-physiological sexual assault process (which has been perfected by prison predators over probably the last Century).

  1. first, the rapist is chosen for his brutality; his physical strength; the unnaturally large size of his erection; and, usually of a different Race than the victim;
  2. the initial rape is extremely violent and degrading; often the rapist first anally sodomizing the victim, then forcing the victim to orally fellatio the fecal covered penis;
  3. the rapist will then broadcast the facts of the rape on the prison grapevine, and thereafter other prisoners and even guards , especially in the victim’s hearing, refer to the victim as “girl,” “punk,” and use other feminine nicknames &/or pronouns when referring to the victim rather than male nicknames and/or pronouns;
  4. between repeated rapes, the brutal rapist will engage in intense psychological assault on his victim’s heterosexual identity, constantly telling the victim things like: “come on girl, you know you like being loved on,” while exhibiting more tender/gentle post-rape and twixt-rape attention;
  5. the rapist, other prisoners, and some guards (inclusive of ranking officers), will REINFORCE the psychological assult on the victim’s heterosexual identity with phrases such as: “if you weren’t a homosexual at heart, you would not just let a man put his dick in your ass/mouth — you would have made him kill you or killed him first!  Only a PUNK takes it up the ass — if it had been me … .” [NOTE: this often results in the victim either committing suicide,  or murdering the rapist; if murder, the victim is , of course, charged with 1st Degree Homicide.];
  6. soon after the initial rape, the rapist chooses some female name or nickname for his victim (Sissy; Princess; Debbie; Crystal; etc.), and other prisoners and guards begin addressing the victim by that name rather than by his given masqueline name;
  7. when the victim ceases to fight back during the continuing rapes, usually simply going limp when the rapist seizes him, the rapist ceases being brutal and merely sodomizes the victim with some degree of gentleness (i.e. using lubricant) while kissing the victim and caressing the victim’s genitals until the victim ejaculates; and, when the victim begins to actively participate as a willing homosexual “lover,” he is rewarded with commissary items — if the rape has been arranged by officials, he receives freeworld treats and special privileges like extra phone use, or extra time off work; and,
  8. when the victim begins to reply to the female monikers and actively seek out attention from the rapist, he is then “handed off” and allowed to “shack up” with another prisoner as the other prisoner’s “wife” (for which the “husband” pays the rapist a fee for “breaking in” the Punk); or, the victim is compelled to serve as a homosexual prostitute for the rapist’s profit.

MAKE NO MISTAKE the victim’s embracing of the homosexual identity is a psychosis — a dissociative self-defense mechanism  through which the victim’s heterosexual identity is  buried under/hidden behind psychological walls, and the homosexual identity embraced to such a total extent that a form of traumatic amnesia manifests in which the victim, “can’t remember ever not being Gay.” Rather than being forced to deal with being the raped David, Robert, Chuck, etc., the heterosexual factually is, the victim embraces the psychotic fantasy that he is and always was the Gay “Sissy,” “Princess,” “Debbie,” etc., who wanted to “make love” with the rapist. Thereby the victim does not have to cope/deal with the psycho-physiological rapes he was forced to endure; and, by embracing the homosexual persona, he is able to choose a homosexual partner he feels some emotional connection and safely complete his period of confinement under that partner’s protection.

Upon release from prison, the CONSTRUCTED Homosexual  most often continues in the Gay lifestyle, gravitating to freeworld homosexual societal groups and often cross-dressing to further strengthen the prison-constructed homosexual persona — ergo, further suppressing his normal heterosexual identity rather than be forced to cope/deal with the fact of his victimization at the hands of the rapists and predators while in prison.  Thus, the psychological disorder is magnified; and, when the Societal Majority classifies the Prison Punk as being no different from other homosexuals, Society itself becomes a party to the victimization and helps the rapist re-enforce his destruction of the victim’s heterosexual identity and the CONSTRUCTION of the “Prison Punk” homosexual alter-identity!  What is even MORE egregious is the FAMILY members who so readily ACCEPT that their loved on “came out of the closet” while in prison!!! Such acceptance by Family members basically assures the victim: “Hey, your rapist was right, we knew you were a Gay/Punk all along, so we accept your Gayness now.” If the victim has ANY sense of heterosexuality remaining; the Family’s acceptance of the homosexuality will be the final shattering blow to insure the heterosexual is buried and thenceforth hidden.

Construction of the Prison Punk is very similar to the Stockholm Syndrome in which captives fall in love with their captors — or cases where sexually abused Children develop abnormal affection and sexual desire toward their abuser. [It is, also, the exact same methodology many “Pimps” use to “turn out” young girls and force them into prostitution; AND, the type of “brain-washing” used to create terrorists/double-agents in government operations.]  Repeated brutality and psychological assault while attacking the victim’s core identity is a well known and classic method of breaking down a person’s Psyche.  NOR are these predatory rapists ignorant of this fact — I have personally witnessed such rapists reading scholarly texts on subjects such as “brainwashing” and “psychological conditioning.”  One rapist candidly admitted he had been trained in methods of destruction of prisoners’ psyche for interrogation purposes while serving in the U.S. Army Intelligence Corps in Viet Nam!  So the Reader hereof should NOT think for a moment that what I described heretofore “just happens,” because the construction of the Prison Punk‘s homosexual identity is purposeful and well planned based on well known techniques for brainwashing and the creation of alternate psychological identities!!!

A Prison Punk suffers from a form of multiple personality disorder, in which his real, normal heterosexual identity has been forcibly beaten and abused into a recessive state buried somewhere in his Psyche.  The longer the sexual abuse goes on; the longer other prisoners, guards, officials, Society and his Family members reinforce the rapist’s brainwashing of the victim; the stronger the alternate homosexual identity grows, and the deeper the normal heterosexual identity is buried.

   I want to repeat with great emphasis here: The acceptance of the Homosexual identity BY THE FAMILY of the “Prison Punk,” upon his release from prison, is the MOST devastating to the Heterosexual identity. Such acceptance grounds the victim’s hidden heterosexual identity to rubble, because (after all) if his OWN Family can BELIEVE he really is/was a homosexual at heart, then the rapist MUST have been correct in asserting the victim “was ALWAYS a homosexual at heart.”

  • HERE’S A FACT OF REALITY & LIFE: if a male/female HETEROSEXUAL enters prison, (s)he will LEAVE prison  a Heterosexual unless (s)he has been FORCIBLY CONSTRUCTED INTO a homosexual psychosis as an act of self-defense against a trauma too great to deal with.

Homosexualism is NOT all the same — there is NO, per se, “common cause” of homosexuality.  SOME forms of Homosexualism are psychological disorders and treatable, and such is the case with the Prison Punk.  It is a behavior FORCED upon a VICTIM, and embraced by such victim solely as a necessity of psycho-emotional self-defense and self-preservation — psychological suppression of and disassociation from their heterosexual identity in order to end the rapes, brutal beatings, psyche destruction and personal trauma — the victim embraced wholly the homosexual alter ego constructed by the rapist in order to be psycho-emotionally able to live with the circumstances FORCED upon him [whereas their only other choices are suicide or murder … especially when officials are indifferent to the victim’s pleas for help].

Under the Laws of MOST States, even consensual sex with a mentally ill person is deemed Statutory Rape which is a Felony Offense.  A Prison Punk IS for all intent and purpose MENTALLY ILL — the CONSTRUCTED homosexual persona, as described herein, is NOT in their right mind, because their TRUE (heterosexual) Self has been FORCED from consciousness through a systematic process of psycho-physiological sexual assault and brutality.  Therefore, ANYONE, whether prisoner within the penal environment or a free Gay citizen in Society, who engages in homosexual intercourse/sex with a Prison Punk is FACTUALLY guilty of engaging in Statutory Rape of a mentally ill person.  [I will extend this, also, to individuals whose homosexual identity has arisen from a history of Childhood sexual abuse.]

  • I do NOT assert that ALL homosexuality is “mental illness,” rather only such as has been FORCED upon someone through a process of victimization as I have described herein, &/or similar circumstances.

And regardless of what prison officials may assert to the contrary; what I have described herein IS NO LESS PREVELANT TODAY in our Nation’s prisons than it was decades ago … if anything, it’s worse.  “Safe Prisons” Laws there may be, but an UNENFORCED law is a NON-law.

In conclusion, I would urge BOTH Family members and Friends of prisoners, as well as Society-at-Large — ESPECIALLY THE GAY COMMUNITY — if someone who entered a prison as a heterosexual exits the prison a homosexual; Please, Do Not reinforce such homosexual identity with YOUR acceptance and/or participation!?!?!?!?!  If You share sexually with such a VICTIM, You commit Statutory Rape of a Mentally Ill Person whose homosexual identity has been FORCED upon them through systematic physical and psychological RAPE AND PSYCHO-SEXUAL ABUSE.  Instead of reinforcing what the rapist, et.al. did to them, help RESTORE them their heterosexual identity.  Help them dig their heterosexual Self out from where victimization has it buried in their Psyche.

Thank You in all sincerity & THE LIGHT fill Your lives with abundant Blessings & Peace for a Millennial Lifespan.

Logan the Pen Dragon




“Nudist” Websites, Nude Children

This essay really ties in with my essay (CREATIONIST/CHRISTIAN NATURISM: Is Public Nudity A Sin?) which is posted on this Blog. I agree 100% with the content of this essay.

All Nudist

All-Nudist has MOVED toAll-Nudist.com

When we’re at the beach, or a nudist campground, whatever, it’s always nice when there’s kids around.  Happy little squirts running around bare-assed just like Nature intended and as we wish we could have been when we were little.  And older kids, around puberty and beyond, lovely young people.  Simple beauty, simply happily nude.

That’s ok, no prob.  Pervs we’re not but there is innocent beauty in life, in young joy.

“Nudist” websites.  “Family Nudism” sites.  What’s the deal?  Page after page of adolescent girls naked.  Oh yeah, cute. sure.  But how many pages of naked little girls do you need to get the “idea” of “family” nudism?

Is this something that a “real” naturist wants to ogle?  Or pay for a subscription so they can see the better stuff?  Where is the kiddie porn line drawn?

If you click on some of the links…

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Mosquito Rock [originally written 12/29/2010]

Mosquito Rock                               [originally written 12/29/2010]

Every person alive, whether female, male or some other miraculous gender manifestation in Nature, has a vivid memory of a moment when their youthful mettle was tested.  Almost always such test of fortitude is connected irrevocably with some special  location — for me that location was ‘Mosquito Rock.’

One of the requirements of locations such as these, is that the place must NOT be easily identified as such.  Obvious testing locations invariably draw the attention of local authorities, parents, High School Seniors or a combination of the three, hence, tests can be found and interrupted.  So if a hidden location can’t be found, it has to at least be a location that appears to be relatively safe for unsupervised adolescents to hang out.  Such is Mosquito Rock.

On most any given day in San Angelo, Texas, Mosquito Rock is just an average sedimentary bolder carved from the former bed of the Concho River between 19th and 29th Street.  I don’t know what the area looks like today, but from 1968 to 1992 it was an empty mesquite pasture East from the present riverbed to the railroad spur behind the Alexander Plaza Apartments, with only the Twin View Drive-in Theatre in the Northwest corner of the lot.  Mosquito Rock lay almost exactly in the center of this approximately 50 square blocks of thorn tree thicket with only two dirt roads running through it.  Usually the round, flat-topped boulder sat in a small, dry depression.  A dirt mound covered with scrub oak lay cupped to the West about 10 yards away from Mosquito Rock; to the West and North sides were clear for about 10 yards before mesquite trees grew to conceal the site; and, to the South lay an area of exposed Sedimentary stone full of shells and pebbles about 200 yards square.

When I first moved back to San Angelo with my Family in the Summer of 1968, I was 12 years old and had spent almost my entire life in the smaller surrounding rural towns of Big Lake, Miles and Christoval (the latter two of which were fewer than 300 souls population).  San Angelo, to me, was a HUGE city of over 28,000 people in 1968 … large enough to have Cliqués.  I didn’t even know what a “Cliqué” was, other than the sound ‘click,’ but the boy who would become my Best Friend, Ivan Wesley Sellars (Wes)[God rest his soul], explained.  I would eventually be welcomed into several Clicqués, but it was my ill luck that the first I fell in with was the Mosquito Rock Cliqué.

The boys and girls of the MRC [called ‘Marks’ and ‘Marcys’ respectively] hung out around Mosquito Rock where, out of sight, we could Neck or smoke filched cigarettes with little fear of discovery.  Adults who got suspicious and decided to investigate invariably drove down one of the two dirt roads; and, their cars could be heard well before seen so all of us could scramble and scurry away to hide in the pasture brush until the nosey adult had gone.

Throughout the early Summer I had been given dire notice that myself and the two new Marcys who’d joined the MRC would have to “face the test of Mosquito Rock” in order to remain in the MRC.  ‘No problem,’ I decided, ‘if it’s a test the two girls can pass, surly I too can pass.’  [I was foolishly chauvinistic back then!]  Then Wes told me: “You’ll have to spend the night sitting on top of Mosquito Rock, Logan,” and with a chuckle of sarcastic glee he added, “NAKED!”

‘Now what on Earth could possibly be so hard about THAT,’ I thought!  The two new Marcys were good looking girls (one 13 and the other 14 years old), and I had been naked around other girls, both older and younger on several occasions (not to mention my 5 older Sisters and several female Cousins), so I saw such a test as NOT to fear, but to anticipate.  The only thing I wondered about was, why the delay?  The answer was — they waited for THE RAIN!!!

Being NEAR the Concho River, there were always a few mosquitos buzzing around Mosquito Rock, so I figured that was how it got its name.  WRONG!!!  After a Summer rain, the depression around Mosquito Rock would pool with water for about 3-6 weeks to create a shallow pond about 20 feet in diameter and 8-12 inches deep.  This temporary pond would become a hot bed of breeding and egg-laying for the mosquito population from a zillion miles around.  By the end of the first week, mosquitos would be swarming around the rock and pond breeding … AND FEEDING … like — well, like mosquitos!  At night, the hum of their kazillions of tiny wings’ beating by the tens of billions sounded like my Mom’s SUNBEAM™ blender on purée!  And the terrible “test” was that the two Marcys and I , the one Mark, had to sit cross-legged on Mosquito Rock facing each other NAKED, with NO form of insect repellent, and we were NOT ALLOWED to swat, scratch or complain!

I can not describe the horror of that night … but I shall try.  Covert arrangements had been made so that the Testees’ and Witnesses’ parents all believed said individuals to be spending the night at each others’homes.  We all gathered on the scrub oak knoll West of Mosquito Rock, because the breeze that night was out of the Southeast, hence, smoke from the Witnesses’ campfire would NOT blow across the mosquito pond and/or Mosquito Rock.

I and the two Marcys duly surrendered the last thread of our clothing just as the sun sank below the horizon, and waded naked across the pond to take our positions atop Mosquito Rock.  This SHOULD have been one of the high points of my young male life.  As I said, the two Marcys were both quite good looking, but I soon learned no matter how good looking a naked girl may be, it is all but impossible to appreciate the aesthetic vision they are when one’s bare flesh is the banquet table for a kazillion blood-sucking little beasts!

I must admit, both Marcys showed surprising fortitude (perhaps because THEY were USED to losing blood on a regular basis by then?), however, I soon discovered the test was HARDER on me!  Puberty for me began late in my 11th year.  By the night of the test, my hormones had well and firmly established control over my physical body.  Sitting completely naked with TWO completely naked, attractive girls inevitably had the natural results, thus presenting the mosquito hoard a pipeline at which they could more easily extract the testosterone rich blood from my bare body!  I learned that night that mosquitos are NOT “equal opportunity” blood suckers.  ONLY the female mosquito sucks blood, and I can attest with certainty to the fact they prefer blood from Human MALES!

As we three conversed on a multitude of topics from school gossip to homework, Viet Nam to the rumoured upcoming Rock Festival in New York, I could see a respectable number of mosquitos enviably drawing nectar from those nubile females, and allowed myself to consider how nice it would be TO BE a mosquito upon those delicious curves.  These fantasies lasted all of 3 seconds before I would be driven to distraction by the hoards of those vampiric demon mosquitos bent on getting every drop of their feast from MY ‘tender place!’  Where the Marcys had about one mosquito per square inch of flesh on their bodies at any given moment, MY flesh was a veritable mosquito field where the blood-sucking little pregnant mommy mosquitos were trying to squeeze in one per millimetre … EXCEPT all over THAT part of me where they stood STACKED so thick my flesh was not even visible at the peak of feasting!

Oddly, after about 3 hours, the mosquito hoard withdrew leaving the 3 of us almost totally without the biting pests?  Either they’d all had their fill and gone off to lay their eggs; or, the hard little knots their bites had left entirely covered our bare flesh making further bites impossible?  Whichever the case, around 1:00 a.m. the following morning, the hoard of mosquitos vanished … but our ordeal had just begun.

The calamine lotion the Witnesses held could NOT be used until the sunrise’s red had vanished from the Horizon, hence, symbolically calling and end to our blood loss to the mosquito hoard.  So when the terrible mosquitos vanished, we STILL had another 5 hours to sit facing each other naked on the dreaded Mosquito Rock.  The ONLY place I did NOT itch was the tiny area of my buttocks that pressed against the surface of the Rock, and judging from the squirming of the Marcys, they faired no better.  It is no comfort that itching can have the SAME effect on the male anatomy as other, more pleasant forms of sensual stimulation — and still being a Virgin, and required under test rules to keep my hands pressed down on the top of Mosquito Rock, I had some embarrassment as we sat there with you-know-what jutting up from my lap until well after we were back into our clothes!

When the head Witness at last signalled us to end our test, we were without shame in our application of the soothing calamine lotion.  We poured and slathered it on each other without hesitation, modesty or restraint; and, we didn’t care which of us did the slathering over the other as long as the hand doing it held gallons of lotion!  Once we all had EVERY inch of our bodies covered, we stood around still naked (so the lotion could dry) and shared cigarettes with a cup of cocoa as though we had been lovers rather than mutual sufferers.  Our moods, if a bit uncomfortable due to residual itching, were cheerful — we had ALL passed the test!  We were to be OFFICIAL Members of the MRC!!!

Over the years of my “Teen Life,” I would be welcomed into a number of Cliqués: North Shore Cliqué; Bell Street Cliqué; Trail Bikers’ Cliqué; Brown’s Pool Cliqué; and, several more.  Nonetheless, I have always considered the Mosquito Rock Cliqué‘s initiation test to have been the true test of my youthful male mettle — exposed, aroused, tormented by mosquitos, and shown obvious interest by two older girls, I nonetheless managed to BOTH pass the test AND hang on to my Virginity for another 4 years (2 years longer than most of my male peers).  This was NOT easy … I was “BIG” for my age in more ways than one, a fact several of the Marcys had duely noted the night of the test; and, more than one made it perfectly and frankly clear that she’d happily share with me sexually if I should care to give up my Virginity to her. I believe I did my Ancestry proud and acted honourably as I courteously declined such offers as a true Gentleman should and WITHOUT hurting the young Ladies’ feelings. [When I DID finally surrender my Virginity in the Summer of 1972 at age 16 years, it was ONLY because the girl with whom I did so was of such character, beauty, development and depth of feminine spirit as to be impossible to NOT surrender to!]

It would have been VERY easy to become sexually active with the Marcys who slathered that calamine lotion on my nether region after our Rite of Passage on Mosquito Rock, but the experience would have been denigrated had I BOTH passed that test AND lost my Virginity on the same morning.  Both experiences were MUCH better kept separate!!!  It makes me feel a little pity for today’s youth who seem to have been thrust into such sterile existence, or to have just the opposite dumped upon them to the point they have no Mosquito Rock or SWEET & TENDER First Lover in their lives.

It seems for SOME reason People today want to pack their ENTIRE lifetime’s worth of sex and excitement into their 2nd and 3rd Decades of existence, leaving no room for quaint experiences or leisurely memories.  I meet far, far too many People in their late-30’s and early-40’s who LOOK 10-15 years older, and/or who are so burned out due to RUSH, RUSH, RUSH that they don’t even look forward to what Tomorrow may hold!!!

WHY THE RUSH?!!!?  Is all the material JUNK produced these days REALLY that important to have?  To me, that ONE night at Mosquito Rock (stone sober and drug free) is worth far, far more than ANY material possession I EVER owned in my entire life!  So imagine the value of ALL such moments similar that I have had time to experience because I settled for fewer MATERIAL treasures so I could secure for myself a few extra hours each day TO LOVE AND LIVE!!!

I did NOT need to rush every experience into my TEEN decade, because I looked forward to having some of the LATER in the more mature years of my life — and I have had time for them, because EVEN having lost time in prison, I STILL don’t spend ALL my time chasing after the almighty dollar or trying to have an opulent lifestyle.

We didn’t NEED a Road Trip or some expensive getaway to create a lasting and pleasant memory — all we needed was a boulder in a mosquito pond on a patch of mesquite thicket in the midst of a residential neighbourhood.  I thank my lucky star for the Mosquito Rock … I hope it’s still there!

Respects and Blessed be, Logan the Pen Dragon

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An Open Letter to the Murfreesboro Post

An Open Letter to the Murfreesboro Post

I am posting this “open letter” to the Murfreesboro Post and their Reporter Ms Marchesoni, because I have discovered that a libellous article they wrote/published about me on April 23, 2009, is still being disseminated online.  I hope that anyone and everyone who reads this will recognize the extremely damaging effect that such an irresponsible publication can and does have on a person’s life.


Dear MURFREESBORO POST Editor and Reporter Marchesoni,

Whether published in paper or electronically, it is libel and/or slander to publish FALSE information which subjects an individual to defamation.

It shocked me today (1/27/2010) when I first learned of the article you published about me [Fugitive accused of posting nude photos of kids, by Lisa Marchehesoni, POST 4/23/09 @ 3:03 p.m.], and read a print-out of the online version.  You are in deep legal trouble if you do not retract this article and remove it from the Internet; and, believe me when I say I WILL have no problem proving you have published libellous and slanderous accusations about me with (apparently) no effort whatsoever to verify what you were told (&/or to contact me for my statement)!  Let me be more specific:

  • I have NEVER been charged with ANY kind of offense even remotely related to child pornography;
  • it is NOT illegal to have (and/or post online) photographs of nude children in normal everyday activities within a Naturist (or even mainstream Society) lifestyle settings;
  • Detective Micky McCullough found NO unlawful images of nude children on MY website, rather he informed me that ANOTHER website that had been INADVERTANTLY included in a link to mine MIGHT contain ONE unlawful image (and I fully cooperated with Det. McCullough to assist him in tracing the origin of that other website’s images);
  • I have NEVER been charged in ANY jurisdiction with “home invasion,” nor have I EVER been even arrested, accused of or questioned for such a charge;
  • I do NOT have “a lengthy criminal history of terrorist acts,” in fact, I have NEVER been charged with, accused of, or even questioned about ANY “terrorist act” in my entire life (I am a VERY hard-core Patriot of Democracy); and,
  • I have NEVER used, been charged, accused of or even suspected in ANY offense involving “dangerous drugs,” as I do NOT use, sell, traffic nor manufacture drugs (I do not even take aspirin!

My “criminal history” is for PETTY offenses (most of which would qualify for a slot on the World’s Dumbest Criminals TV program).  YOU have portrayed me as a pedophilic terrorist!!!!!!!

Furthermore, Detectives in Murfreesboro’s Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office did NOT “obtain a search warrant” for my residence on Gardendale Drive!!!  I PERSONALLY GAVE Det. McCullough permission to search; and, my Domestic Partner (a very respectable woman and public servant) gave her permission to search our home as well.  No search warrant was required, because we cooperated fully with every phase and aspect of the investigation!

Also, I was AT NO TIME, “believed posing as a drug counsellor!”  I AM, and have been for almost 25 years, an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church (with headquarters in Arizona/Nevada and registered with the Federal Government), hence, I DO often counsel people in spiritual and lifestyle matters that are interdependent with the doctrines and tenets of faith in the religion I adhere to &/or Bible related issues.

Your IRRESPONSIBLE reporting is atypical of the biggest problem in Journalism today — Reporters with little or no ethical training going off half-cocked and rushing to file a report WITHOUT verifying FACTS!  You destroy people’s lives and reputations; You EXAGERATE; and, you present limited facts in a twisted perspective to make someone appear far, far more dangerous than they are simply to sell your second-rate paper to a sensationalized audience.

  • FOR YOUR INFORMATION: my Partner & I (whom I consider my wife) know EXACTLY who it was that filed that so-called “anonymous” information regarding my website. It was a puritanical, elderly busy-body whom my wife works with and who is ALWAYS trying to cause trouble and drama at the job.  I pity her for her behaviour.

My wife and I have TRIED to ignore her, because she’s just an old woman who has no life of her own — unfortunately this has gone too far, and I can NOT ignore what YOU have done!!!

Also, FYI — the website I maintained was through the provider VISTAPRINT.COM, and as soon as Det. McCullough contacted them, they TEMPORARILY pulled the website THEN CONTACTED ME to ask what to do with it (i.e. did I dispute the Detective’s claims)?  I discussed it with a VistaPrint representative the same day, and as soon as I learned of the inadvertant hyperlink inclusion and questionable image (on the joined website), I instructed VistaPrint to simply cancel the account entirely rather than to risk unintentional danger to any Child.

As a Creationism Naturist (C-N’ist), and like all Naturists, I am and have ALWAYS been EXTREMELY protective of the Children around me, whether in the clothed society or amongst the Naturist Community.  I can PROVE that even back in 2000, I provided the FBI a complaint filed by myself which was instrumental in persuading Maury Povich to CEASE portraying little girls under 14yrs of age in sexy clothes and scenarios on his program!  In 2008-09, I was in close communication with the U.S. Justice Department and British State Department when I suspected someone was selling her 16 yr old daughter as a sex slave.

Having been sexually abused as a Child myself, then raped TWICE as an “adult” (once at 16 yrs and once at 26 yrs), I am EXTREMELY conscientious in protecting NOT ONLY Children, but Women (and even some men) as well from sexual predation.  This is MY way of coping.

I first entered a “formal” Nudist/Naturist setting when I was 13 years of age, however, nudity was a fairly common occurrence in my paternal family’s Continental lifestyle, so nudity does NOT have a per se sexuality in my views as it has in the average American’s mind.  NOR do I perceive nudity per se with the perversity which YOU do.

The article you published, especially online where BILLIONS of people have access and can see it, egregiously and with extreme irresponsibility presents me as some kind of terrorist, child predator, and drug dealing home invader!!!  I can NOT and SHALL NOT allow such slander and libel to remain unchallenged, NOR will I allow you to just walk away without consequences for your LIBELOUS AND FALSE article!!!

I am posting this open letter to you as a courtesy (which is more than you afforded me) that will permit you to avoid BEING SUED for publishing LIES which slandered me.  I have been to the Post’s Offices (and even offered to freelance for your publication), so I know you can NOT afford to pay a damage award should I sue (and I SHALL win if I file suit).  So, I will offer you a way you can  make amends for the slanderous LIES you published against me, to wit:

  1. Lisa Marchesoni will compose a column of no fewer than 1500 words to be published BOTH in the MURFREESBORO POST’s paper and online versions, said column shall; (a) apologize for including FALSE accusations in her 4/23/2009 article regarding me; and, (b) provide an ACCURATE portrayal of me WHICH INCLUDES an UNBIASED statement on the legality of Naturists’ nude photos of Naturist Families’ Children; and,
  2. the MURFREESBORO POST will publish an Editorial Column of not less than 2,000 words on the Naturist Lifestyle, including a minimum of 3 Naturist websites’ hyperlinks included in/with the column (one of which MUST be http://www.naturistchristians.org); MUST be an impartial report; and, MUST contain a side-bar box containing the POST’s official Editorial Staff apology to me for the misleading article of 4/23/2009.

[8/8/2016 addendum: I also DEMAND you delete the 4/23/2009 article from the Internet]

IF the POST/Lisa Marchesoni complies with the above and foregoing conditions, these TWO things NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 21, 2010, and provides me PROOF they have been published BOTH online and in paper print; then I will give you full waiver on my claims for slander/libel for the 4/23/2009, article full of lies, and let you off on any monetary/other damage liability.

HOWEVER, if these TWO things are NOT published by 2/21/2010, I SHALL initiate a fully litigated suit against the MURFREESBORO POST and Lisa Marchesoni for publication of BLATENTLY FALSE and misleading statements about me which has seriously affected my life and future, and irreparably damaged my character. [People who turned to me for help will no longer do so because YOU published these LIES … my TRUE criminal history I can deal with, but this FALSE image YOU so foolishly and carelessly presented frightens People terribly!]

If you have a problem with my offer, tough.  You should have been more diligent and responsible to VERIFY information BEFORE you published it back in April 2009.  If I have no response from you by 2/21/2010, I will take that as your desire to resolve this in Court.

Respectfully, J. Logan Diez______________________________________________

Dear Followers and Friends of Logan the Pen Dragon’s Blog;

The above and foregoing letter was sent to the MURFREESBORO POST 6 years ago.  A few days after I mailed it, I could no longer find the referenced article online, so I thought it had been removed.  However, I never saw the retraction article either.  Then, 5 days ago, someone brought to my attention that they had found/read the libellous article referred to in this letter!!!  When I Googled myself thereafter, the LIBELLOUS article was there for all the world to read on the MURFREESBORO POST’s website!!!

I am posting this here on my Blog, and sharing it on other sites, because I want the World to know I SHALL be taking whatever legal action I am able to force the M’boro Post to remove the article AND to make sure they pay for the damage they have caused me.

  • if anyone is/knows a good attorney who might be willing to accept this case on a contingency fee basis, please, contact me ASAP at either: logandiez56@myself.com  or  (9150 244-5482.


Respects & Regards, Logan the Pen Dragon.

Diez photo KIMG0617 EDIT

My social life’s imagery since the Murfreesboro Post published that article full of lies.




Bad genes! Oops … bad JEANS!

Bad genes!  Oops … bad JEANS!

[originally authored 2/8/2010]

You are sitting in your favourite chair with a hot plate of nachos about to watch RAMBO III (again) when it happens.  Your significant other walks in wearing a bra and pair of jeans; gives you an ‘okay, Buster, you better get it right,’ look; then turning her back to you asks THE question that terrifies men in every corner of the World: “Honey, do these jeans make my butt look fat/big?”

Okay, 99.99% of my fellow male peers will invariably give either the WRONG answer, ‘No?’, or will get that stunned deer-in-the-headlights and start to stutter.  That little white lie, ‘No,’ emphasized by a questioning tone, that most guys think is the only way to avoid getting into an emotional train wreck.  Trouble is, our Honeys’ hinnies may indeed have broadened with deliciously delighting curves of greater plumpness over the years, and her genes, er-uh … her JEANS do make her butt LOOK fat.  SHE KNOWS THEY DO, otherwise she would NOT be giving you that shocked, deer-in-the-headlights look by asking you THAT question.  Nontheless, “no?” really is the WRONG answer, because not only is it a lie, it doesn’t change how SHE is feeling about her appearance!  So, what IS the correct answer?

When she asks THAT question; set aside your nachos, turn off the TV, give here butt a reasonably attentive look, then say: “Honey, get dressed.  Your genes DO make your butt LOOK fat/big, so I am taking you shopping for some new jeans!” (Be really sure to emphasize the word “LOOK,” because you DON’T want to say her butt IS big/fat, you just want to tell her ‘THE JEANS’ are a fault for making her butt SEEM fat.)

Shopping is ALWAYS a right answer in such situations. Put RAMBO III aside, get your keys and drive her to the Mall.  When you get to the Women’s Clothing Department/Shoppe, do NOT run off to sit while she shops, NOR go off to the hardware or sporting goods!  STAY WITH HER, and let people see you exercise proprietary closeness with her (i.e. let others see you are proud to be with her and want everyone to know it).  When she pulls something from the rack and gives you that little sideways look, tell her HONESTLY what you think.  Of course, this requires a little preparation …

A SMART HUSBAND/BOYFRIEND, or any other male in a relationship, will occasionally study the “women’s magazines” (i.e. Vogue; Cosmo; Ladies Home Journal; etc.) style/fashion sections to familiarize himself with terms like, “color coordinates,” and “accessorizing,” as well as memorize THE LOOK of well attired women in these publications.  This Recon can be done covertly in public libraries, doctors offices and such so your male buddies don’t see women’s magazines on the dash of your Dodge Ram or SS Camero. (Think of this research as Recon for crossing the mine field of “big butt” questions.)  Then, when your Honey holds up some really terrible blouse (what we guys call “shirts), you have the good sense to say, “oh, NO!” whether it’s because of its color, cut or general style.  Then, show you REALLY ARE interested in her by turning to the rack and pulling out a MATCHING skirt and blouse IN HER SIZE which you hand to her and say, “here, go try this on.”

When she sees in the dressing room mirror how stylish she looks in the outfit YOU chose for her, she will come out to let you see her all full of love for You and glowing with happiness.  At that moment, you will realize why you fell in love with her all over again, and have no doubt whatsoever that it is all worth it.  The Recon with the Women’s Magazines; missing watching RAMBO III again; being seen shopping with your Lady; and, whatever that overpriced few yards of stylishly sewn material is going to cost you … it all comes to nothing compared to how happy and beautiful she looks at that moment when stepping from that dressing room and seeing YOUR eyes on her alone.

Now odds are, my fellow wise men, that putting forth this effort will invariably lead to a very romantic and passionate evening once you get back home.  So you would be wise to make a stop or two going home to purchase some scented candles; sweet wine/champagne; fresh strawberries and some chocolate syrup. (Don’t worry, if you don’t know what to do with all this stuff, she will.)

Being macho is fairly easy, it comes natural for guys and doesn’t take much effort. Being caring, protective, and loving toward your Lady isn’t hard either, it’s what REAL men do just by being REAL men.  On the other hand, being ROMANTIC does NOT come easy to a man of this day and age, it takes effort.  Romanticism is an Art — a skill and attitude a guy has to teach himself if he hasn’t learned it from an early age.  Being “Romantic” is NOT just about candle light dinners, flowers and chocolates and remembering Anniversaries/Birthdays.  It’s also about the RIGHT answers to THOSE questions; about shopping WITH her; and, suddenly suggesting the two of you take a walk TOGETHER through downtown to window shop (and hold her hand as you walk side-by-side).  It’s about surprising her with breakfast in bed for no special reason, or picking her up to carry her across the flooded gutter so she doesn’t ruin her shoes and get cold feet.  It’s a thousand ways to show her you love her and find her attractive with gentleness and consideration.

Maybe a rack of ladies wear isn’t as interesting to you as a bin full of power tools or a rack of high powered deer rifles — maybe studying up on a Women’s fashions doesn’t hold your interest near as easily as reading the latest Sports Illustrated or a manual on rebuilding a 440 Interceptor in a Rocket Olds, but obsessing over deer rifles and reading auto specs isn’t going to get you “lucky” or put that smiling, love filled glow on your Lady’s face that has all her girlfriends wondering what she’s got that they don’t.

So, always remember, Guys … lying BAD … shopping GOOD!  Butt fat/big?  NO!!! Genes … er … JEANS bad, make butt LOOK fat/big, yes, MUST GO SHOPPING!  Bad Jeans, Bad, must get good jeans!  Must SHOP!!!

Respectfully advised to my fellow Males, Logan the Pen Dragon.


Family Park Photo Edit

Let me make it simple from the very start; “Societal Stupidity” is generally some action rather than a mental state, per se. Some weeks ago, for example, I heard a “heterosexual monogamy marriage only” Advocate make the statement:


“(…) The Founding Fathers never intended equality in marriage to apply to homosexuals or polygamists!”


See … THAT is textbook “Societal Stupidity,” because anyone with even marginal Societal Intelligence would never have made such an asinine remark, because it is such an easy point to shoot down! Observe …

‘You are correct, the Founding Fathers would never have condoned homosexual marriage; BUT they, also, would never have condoned Women having the vote; slaves being freed; children having actual Rights; and, any number of other things our more societally mature Society believes indisputably RIGHT AND PROPER for today’s Modern Times.’ A perfect example of “Societal Stupidity;” trying to resolve today’s societal problems with 18th Century thinking, rather than applying 21st Century thinking for today’s modern World and problems.Diez photo KIMG0617 EDIT

See, today’s problems are like this pile of nature’s rubble, and solving today’s problems with 18th Century thinking is like having to separate this pile WITHOUT breaking ANY twigs or bruising even one blade of grass!!! “Societal Stupidity” is easily illustrated against the backdrop of “Societal Intelligence.” Intelligence exposes many, many forms of “Societal Stupidity,” for example:

[societal stupidity] Let’s use mercury to process gold and don’t go to the expense of containing the mercury vapours.

[societal intelligence] No, let’s contain the mercury vapours and avoid the greater expenses of the poisoned water and food sources; birth defects; cancers; etc.

[societal stupidity] Let’s build more prisons and create more imprisonable crimes to create more jobs in rural areas.

[societal intelligence] No, let’s spend the money on Education and intervention, thus we have more bright, gifted minds educated who’ll then develop new technologies and industries which will require additional employees in many areas.

Our Society has a plethora of examples of both. Unfortunately, it seems Societal Stupidity and its practitioners are the Majority at present.

Societal Stupidity usually is focused in The Now; it doesn’t consider or make provisions for long-term effects as long as present gratification &/or profit can be had; or one’s prejudices can find justification. Societal Intelligence, on the other hand, considers long-term effects of a practice or policy; provides for temporary losses to achieve long-term and enduring gains; AND, finds mutually acceptable middle ground while setting prejudices and biases aside for the greater good of Democracy and Equality in a strong and stable Nation with a secure Economy.

Too many people are practicing and/or advocating Societal Stupidity. It makes the United States of America LOOK like a Nation of illiterate, uncultured fools thrust too soon into a technologically and societally advanced World. We really need to practice more Societal Intelligence and show ourselves as the educated, cultured and societally mature Citizenry we SHOULD be in this 21st Century America.

♥♥♥ The End ♥♥♥

The 11th Amendment: How the U.S. Supreme Court rewrote the Constitution to empower the Police State.

The 11th Amendment: How the U.S. Supreme Court rewrote the Constitution to empower the Police State.

    KIMG0256 Every Citizen of the United States of America is aware that we have a Constitution. A few may even be able to tell you exactly what it says, and a small percentage probably have a general idea what it means to each Citizen as far as Rights are concerned truth is, “The Majority” doesn’t have a clue what ANY of the U.S. Constitution actually says … most U.S. Citizens know less about their Bill of Rights than the average foreign citizen who wants to migrate to the U.S. This is the reason why it has been so easy for corrupt Government officials to erode the Bill of Rights and VIOLATE the Constitution with imputy.

Criminal acts are easy to commit openly when almost no one knows what is being done is a criminal act. Betrayal of The People’s Trust and outright treason is simple to get away with when a blindly trusting Citizenry is ignorant of what their own Constitution actually says and means. This is why the Founder Thomas Jefferson said, “though we must have Government, we must watch it like a hawk!

The Eleventh Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is one of the briefest and simplest worded Amendments. It says:

“The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another state, or by Citizens or Subjects of any foreign state.” (emphasis added)

We can readily and accurately paraphrase to simplify even further so even a Child can understand:

‘The Federal Courts of the United States have no authority to hear any lawsuit filed against one of the United States by Citizens of some other State or foreign Nation.’

Even a person with the most basic understanding of the English language has no trouble grasping the meaning of the 11th Amendment. Simply put, it prohibits Federal Courts and/or Judges in the U.S. from hearing lawsuits filed against a State by any person who is not a Citizen of THAT State. [I.e. a Citizen of Texas cannot file a lawsuit against the State of Oklahoma in Federal Court, or a Citizen of Germany cannot file a lawsuit against the State of Texas in a U.S. Federal Court, because the 11th Amendment says Federal Courts do not have jurisdiction to hear such cases.] However … the 11th Amendment says absolutely NOTHING that can be even remotely construed to mean a Citizen cannot sue their OWN State and/or Government officials in the U.S. Federal Courts. Such is the clarity and simplicity of the 11th Amendment’s language.

Nonetheless, despite the simple language, in its power-hoarding corruption, the United States Supreme Court long ago, in outrageous self-aggrandizement, “interpreted” the 11th Amendment to mean Courts/Judges are granted “Absolute Immunity” against any and all lawsuits!!! Such “Absolute Immunity” was later extended to such a ludicrous degree of perfidy, that even an obviously corrupt Judge proven to have committed wanton and malicious violations of a Citizen’s Rights during the course of a “judicial proceeding,” no matter how clear the violation of Law such may be, the Citizen CAN NOT sue said Judge because the Judge is protected by the11th Amendment’s judicially FABRICATED Absolute Immunity!!!

Using this far-fetched interpretation (which is really nothing more and nothing less than a judicially imposed and totally different/arbitrary meaning than what the 11th Amendment actually says), the Judges effectively placed themselves outside and above the Law and U.S. Constitution; and, substantively and effectively denied Citizens any means for obtaining redress and/or compensation for their legitimate grievances against Judges for violations of Legal/Constitutional Rights!!!

Afterwards, over the next several Decades, the Supreme Court Justices established “Judicial Counsels” to which an aggrieved Citizen may submit their grievances about “Judicial misconduct, but there are two very serious problems with this system:

Such a Counsel does NOT provide for any form of compensation for the Citizen whose Rights were violated EVEN when such resulted in significant damages and/or losses; and,

Such “Counsel,” being composed of other Judges, cannot possibly be construed as a “fair and impartial” panel.

A panel of Judges hearing a complaint against a fellow Judge is no less ludicrous than a panel of thieves hearing a complaint against a fellow thief … no less biased in favor of the accused than would be a panel of rapists hearing a complaint against an accused rapist! When a Jury is impaneled to hear ANY criminal OR civil trial, a great deal of trouble is gone to for the purpose of insuring NONE of the Jurors (nor the Judge) is a Family member, Friend or Associate of the accused; nor do we choose Jurors from amongst convicts, prisoners or parolees. We vigorously exclude any person who may be remotely biased in favor of either Party (defendant or prosecutor): so why do The People ALLOW Judges on “Judicial Councils” to be the sole examiners and jury over complaints filed against their fellow Judges?

After “Absolute Immunity” for Judges had been FABRICATED and in place for some time WITHOUT Public outrage being heard, this self-aggrandizing doctrine was further expanded and extended to shield ALL official Trial participants. Neither prosecutors; State investigators; witnesses; nor even Court Appointed/Retained Attorney for the Defense can ever be sued as long as they enjoy Absolute Immunity as fabricated and expanded by the U.S. Supreme Court. (A criminal/civil Trial is the ONLY place someone can commit Slander and NOT have to worry about being sued by the injured Citizen whose reputation is ruined.) Even a Prosecutor who knowingly fabricates evidence to obtain a criminal conviction and send an innocent Citizen to prison can NOT be sued by the Citizen wrongfully convicted, because such corrupt prosecutor is still a “State Employee/Officer” who is shielded by the “Absolute Immunity Doctrine” created by Judicial Edict in total disregard of the 11th Amendment’s plain language. Published Case Law can easily be found in abundance where some corrupt prosecutor or another knowingly suppressed evidence favorable to an accused Citizen; where the prosecutor intentionally fabricates damaging evidence to obtain a false conviction; yet, not one of those dishonorable and disintegritious prosecutors could be sued by the Victims of their wrong-doing, because the dishonorable and disintegritious Judges created the Absolute Immunity Doctrine TO EMPOWER THE POLICE STATE in its beginning stages.

Shortly after Absolute Immunity was extended to Trial Officials and Witnesses in defiance of the U.S. Constitution AND the Spirit of the Common Law, and when there was still no protest of outrage voiced by The Majority, Judges AGAIN expanded the Absolute Immunity Doctrine to shield EVERY State/Government Agent “acting in their official capacity.” Be it a member of Congress or minor City Official, a FBI Agent or a local deputy from a small community, or a trash collector employed by the City Government; and, gave them complete freedom to disregard Citizens’ Constitutional Rights without fear of being sued. ALL a “State Official/Employee” need do to avoid Justice after they maliciously violate a Citizen’s Rights is to (falsely) swear before a Court that, “but I didn’t mean to violate his/her Rights!” [It should be noted: “negligence” is NOT an affirmative defense in ANY other Trial, civil or criminal, prosecuted against the average Citizen. It is ONLY available to Federal/State Officials/Employees acting “under color of Law” in their official capacity/position, even while abusing their official powers and under the umbrella protection of the judicially fabricated Absolute Immunity Doctrine.]

Immunity in any form which places an official, institution or Government body above the Law, and renders them unanswerable to their victims, ENCOURAGES further transgressions and ENABLES abuse, sadistry, oppression and corruption in Government!!! The profoundly egregious FACT about all this is; the 11th Amendment clearly does NOT create, embody nor extend ANY form of “immunity” for any person or governmental entity. BOTH the simple language AND the historic context of our Nation makes this clear.

The Language is self-evident, it obviously applies and is limited to lawsuits filed against a State (&/or its officials) by individuals/governments which are NOT Citizens of the State being sued. NOTHING, not one word of the 11th Amendment can be even remotely deemed by any sane and intelligent person as prohibiting a U.S. Court from hearing a lawsuit filed against a State by a Citizen of that same State! Certainly no rational person could remotely construe the language thereof as affording anyone/everyone the kind of all-encompassing “Absolute Immunity” the Judiciary has FABRICATED for itself and “The State,” nor even “Qualified Immunity” for that matter.

Clearly this “Absolute Immunity Doctrine” HAS been fabricated SOLELY in the minds of the self-aggrandizing and self-serving Judges wishing to elevate themselves to the status of demigods who are above the Constitution and Common Law; and, who seek to empower a Police State wherein no Citizen has any meaningful redress for grievances against some Government Official or Employee. [Some Judges, in an attempt to shamelessly justify their perfidy, have postulated that a person suing their OWN State or Nation would be synonymous with suing themself, hence, cannot be done!!! Such is a purely ASSININE postulate, however. A person who sues his/her OWN State would be more analogous to some heir suing the Estate of his Ancestor … or even the Benefactor of a Trust Fund suing the Trustees to obtain a larger annuity payment. Such litigation is standard fare in the Court System.]

The History and circumstances under which the United States of Americas was founded are even more instructive if not quite as readily obvious.

Prior to the Declaration of Independence being written, the Founders of this Nation had repeatedly tried to petition King George III for redress and compensation for their grievances against “The Crown,” his Nobles and Officers in The Royal Army who had violated Colonists’ civil, property and Human Rights. At great personal expense and effort, Benjamin Franklin and others sailed to England repeatedly to plead their case before King George III (i.e. the Governmental ‘Court’). HOWEVER, King George deemed “The Crown” (i.e. himself) to be above the Law, because all Laws came by his edict; and, he blatantly refused to hear any petition or complaint against his Nobles and/or Military Officers … King George III gave himself and his Government’s Officials Absolute Immunity from any and all legal actions against them by the Colonists!!!

The Founders of the U.S. of A. were, therefore, extremely intimately familure with the frustrations which arose when the Citizenry could NOT obtain redress for grievances against their OWN Government … PERSONALLY familure with the inherent tyranny such “Absolute Immunity Doctrine” engendered when allowed to shield corrupt officials from having to answer for the wrongs committed against the Citizens subject to their Powers. When the Declaration of Independence was written and published to the World, the signers thereof had specifically included a statement that they could not get a fair hearing and/or redress from King George III and/or his Governors in the Colonies, hence, they sought a Judgment against King George from “the Court of Public opinion” in the Forum of the World’s Citizenry and Governments.

To even suggest, therefore, that the early Government of the United States of America which authored the 11th Amendment for The People to ratify, or those Citizens who did ratify it, intended it to create ANY form of “immunity” for ANY officer of their OWN newly formed Government, is utterly insane!!! One as well asserts the Victim of a brutal rape would vote to extend immunity to other rapist who might rape her in the Future! The Supreme Court’s judicially fabricated “Absolute Immunity Doctrine” IS AN AFFRONT TO the Principles and Spirit of the 11th Amendment and our Nation’s Constitution!!!

The circumstances of our Nation’s beginning and rebellion against King George III’s tyranny clearly and unequivocally demonstrates the Framers’ of the 11th Amendment would instead want to insure Citizens of these United States would ALWAYS be able to sue their OWN Government/State in the higher Federal Courts. Certainly they would NEVER have adopted ANY Law or Amendment which was intended to create the same type of Absolute Immunity that King George III had unfairly imposed for himself, his Nobles and Military Officers. Nor would the Founding Fathers have intended ANY PART OF the Constitution as placing our Government, States’ or Federal, and their Officers/Employees above the Constitution and Common Law as had been the case under the Monarchy of King George III!

The sole purpose of the 11th Amendment is and was to insure the respective States must pay due respect to one another’s sovereignty; that the Federal Courts could not be used by Citizens of one State to bypass and/or circumvent the Laws of another State for personal gain. The 11th Amendment is NOT intended to establish ANY form of “immunity,” but is merely to establish jurisdictional limitations upon the Federal Courts.

The 11th Amendment applies solely to INTERstate litigation, and has NOTHING to do with INTRAstate and/or INTRAnational litigation wherein a Citizen has sued THEIR OWN State and/or Nation and/or the Officials thereof!

There is a HUGE difference between a Court/Judge interpreting the Law/Constitution as it is plainly written, and such a Court/Judge expanding/rewriting the Law in self-serving and self-aggrandizing manner beyond all reasonable bounds of rational interpretation.

For far too long the Supreme Court has gone unchecked by The People; and, in NOT regulating this Branch of our Government, WE THE PEOPLE have enabled the corruption of EVERY Branch of our Government to be planted, nurtured and spread like some insidious, pustulant infection until the ENTIRE body of Government from top to bottom and every Office in between has become corrupted beyond any hope of redemption! WE THE PEOPLE have only ourselves blame, for we did not heed Thomas Jefferson’s warning;

“We must have government, but we must watch it like a hawk!!!”

WE failed to keep vigilance; WE allowed those generations of Judges to impose their personal preferences, philosophies and doctrines upon our Constitution and to circumvent the express wishes of THE PEOPLE as evidenced by the Acts adopted by our elected Congress and signed into Law by the President. ALLOWED the Supreme Court’s and lower Courts’ Judges to subvert OTHER Branches of Government through the “Absolute Immunity Doctrine” until NOT ONE Governmental Branch, Agency or Department dares challenge such UNCONSTITUTIONAL doctrine lest they lose their shield of protection behind which THEIR OWN perfidious conduct is securely practiced.

I have personally had POLICE STATE OFFICIALS tell me with audacious certainty, “the Supreme Court of the United States is the HIGHEST Law and Authority in the United States!” Incredibly, they expected that I, and intelligent and educated Citizen, would ever believe such a BLATENT LIE!!! Police State Officials USE such lies to deceive UNEDUCATED Citizens who do not know their own Constitution. These CORRUPT officials, who rely on Absolute Immunity Doctrine to shield their wrongful conduct from Justice, strive to strengthen the Police State with assistance from these Court-fabricated psuedoLaws, and neither Congress nor the Presidents object, because they don’t want the Supreme Court nullifying THEIR “Absolute Immunity!”

Here know Truth, Citizens: under our Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court’s powers and authority is extremely limited. It is but 1/3 of the REPRESENTATIVE Government established to SERVE the Citizenry.

Yes!!! The People themselves are the Highest Government Authority in the United States of America. “A Government of The People, by The People, and for The People” in a Democratic Republic is the basis, foundation and spirit of ALL Government in this Nation. THE PEOPLE, through the united voice of the Majority, has the authority and power under our Constitution to overrule and reject ANY decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court, or to demand the Supreme Court or any Judge be permanently removed from the Bench and stripped of his/her Title. Any petit jury has the power, likewise, to find a Law is unconstitutionally applied upon evidence of such being presented to them of such. Of course, neither the State nor the Judges want anyone to KNOW this, because it puts THEM in their PROPER place! What is their “proper place?”

ALL Government Officials, including Judges, are SERVANTS of The People. Their positions, whether elected, appointed or employed, are positions of Stewardship and/or Representation granted at The People’s forbearance.

Government has presumed to watch and regulate The People under their fabricated shield of “Absolute Immunity,” however, our Constitution mandates it is The People who regulate and watch the Government!!! The People who tell Government what Powers and/or Authority and/or Immunities it may exercise and/or enjoy at the discretionary Will of The People’s Majority. Today, the Courts, Legislatures and Executives have forgotten (or don’t care) they are SERVANTS. So they BETRAY The People’s Trust and wallow in their bloated and corrupt Bureaucracy!

How long shall The People play ostrich with their collective head in the sand of ignorance and denial?

How long shall the Citizenry sit in ignorance of their own Constitutional and fullness of the Bill of Rights?

The “Big Brother” of George Orwell’s novel 1984 looms above us today, and these United States of America are on the threshold of a full Police State wherein individuals’ Rights are as tenuous and superficial as a wisp of smoke in a Winter’s breeze. ‘Big Brother’ believes The People are ignorant fools easily deceived and placated by FALSE opulence surrounded by cheap, Unenduring goods; that The People are blind to the Reality around them as many of their fellow Citizens are falling beneath the hob-nailed boots of the American Police Nation State’s storm troopers and bureaucracy simply because they are suspected of challenging the Police State’s right to exist.

I do NOT believe my fellow Americans are as ignorant or foolish as Big Brother/Nanny State Government wishes to believe You are. I believe that when You ARE shown Truth, You will recognize it for what it is and act to preserve YOUR Rights, that You will cleanse our Government of the deeply entrenched corruption. BUT HOW???

FIRST, we have to remove every taint of corruption. That means EVERYONE presently in Office MUST be replaced, because EVERY Official presently holding Office, be it a Judge, Congressman, President, Appointee … ANYONE and EVERYONE presently holding ANY Office is a part of the problem. Either they are blatently corrupt, or they have turned a blind eye to the wrongs their Peers have committed (which makes them conspirators); and, the newest members of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government, rather than denounce and expose the perfidious conduct of the standing members, have allowed themselves to be swept into the status quo. So the ONLY cure for official corruption, short of armed Rebellion, is for The People of these United States of America to VOTE OUT of office EVERY present office holder, and to REPLACE THEM with Citizens who have NEVER been a part of any corrupt Government before. Remove the Judges and strip them of their Titles for betrayal of The People’s trust and for FABRICATION of Immunities they neither deserve nor had authority to create. Keep The System, for that is our “Baby,” but throw out the filthy “bath water” that is the present Government Officials. Then …

Hold a Constitutional Convention and revise the Constitution to make it worthy of a 21st Century Society. Remove the loopholes that enabled corruption to so easily saturated our present Government; strengthen The People’s Powers to keep oversight and regulation of Government’s powers in the hands of The People; and, INCREASE The People’s access to Government Records, Congressional Hearings (especially Committee and Sub-Committee hearings that presently take place secretly behind closed doors); and, ELIMINATE the discretionary powers of Officials which make Government so difficult to monitor and/or keep under control by The People’s Majority.

We The People have a choice:

We can allow the Status Quo to run on as WE founder in the Darkness of ignorance and false security in materialistic focus while the Police State securely entrenches itself under the pork-barrel-bloated excessive Bureaucracy full of corruption; or,

Compel a cleansing through The People’s power and restore the Democracy in a Republican form of Government composed of NEW faced Officials who have NOT been tainted with corruption, and who will SERVE The People (rather than themselves) under a stronger and better Constitution while our Nation again grows economically sound under their faithful Stewardship.

Is it really even necessary to think about the choice most beneficial and rewarding for The People and the Nation???

“Absolute Immunity” necessarily engenders Absolute Power, because ANYONE upon whom absolute immunity is bestowed has ONLY THEMSELVES to answer to; and, as the wise Proverb says: Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely.” The Christian Bible, at 1 Corinthians 11:13 says:

” (…) for if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged.

Absolute Immunity extends Absolute Power, and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely …

THE PEOPLE must neither tolerate, nor allow to continue, this nefarious doctrine of “Absolute Immunity.” Neither Judges, nor any other Public Servant, should be allowed to “judge themselves,” but should be called before The People’s Tribunals to answer for violations of a Citizen’s Constitutional/Human Rights and/or the betrayal of The People’s Trust. NO MORE “Judicial Council” review of a Citizen’s complaints on a Judge … NO MORE Congressional “closed door” meetings/hearings on matters of common Legislation and/or hearings on wrongs committed by fellow members of Congress … NO MORE IMMUNITY for State/National Officials and/or Agencies that violate neither a Citizen’s Rights nor The Societal Rights of The People. Let the Constitution’s TRUE meaning and spirit rise and stand supreme; and, let the Common Law require the corrupt and perfidious Officials stand to answer for their misdeeds AS DOES ANY OTHER CITIZEN!!!

In Patriotism & THE LIGHT OF TRUTH, J. Logan Diez the Pen Dragon